Tank Driver and H Licence Training from Tanks A Lot

Need to use your tank on the road and not sure if you are licensed? You are probably not and must have an H licence to go on the roads – its not hard to get if you use a good team. With 10 years of doing H licences we can count the fails on 1 hand – if you mess the job up we will give you another chance for half price- hows that for confidence!
Groups of 5 persons on a block booking for £3000 plus VAT
Single booking for £749 plus VAT
Specific dates available thoughout the year – please ring or email for details (Tel: 01295 768400 Email: info@tanks-alot.co.uk)
We offer a two day course, day 1 theory and training, day 2 training and test.  We know all the trick questions and bits that can trip you up.  We can even point you towards some excellent value bed and breakfast.
We can even sell you a tank on completion of your test so you can drive away in style!
We are the only guys to have kept a tank in London for 12 years, for London tank tours.
We have the world’s only purpose built Tankhearse  -discounts for smokers.
We have the world’s only stretch Tanklimo .
We have driven tanks on the roads for huge demonstrations, promotions, films, TV, birthday treats, used by dozens of celebrities and TV stars - check out unusual events on our website.
Watch Dom Jolly takes to tank driving and learn and laugh at the same time.
Need an H Licence? We deliver.

Nick Mead - Tanks A Lot: 07860 455636