A.M.D.Four Wheel Drive

Established in1981 as Land Rover specialists A M D Four Wheel Drive still supplies a very large range of parts and accessories suitable for classic and modern Land Rovers both over our counter and mail order.
The vehicle sale side of the business has evolved over the years from Land Rovers to World War 2 Vehicles as we have always been enthusiasts and owned jeeps since the 1970s.
We attend various shows mainly in the midlands with our jeeps(43 GPW and 41 MB at present) and our other vehicles as they are restored
Most vehicles for sale are good restoration projects with as much originality as possible and at a fair price. We also occasionally have restored or part restored vehicles for sale and some parts.

more information on current stock please call 01530 230023 or email us.

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Mike Deacon: 01530 230023
Unit 22 Merrylees Industrial Estate