Anti Tank Gun Replicas

WW2 Replica guns are made from good quality heavy steel.

Museum quality. With a Realistic weight and feel of an original weapon.

Gas firing available from WTAC Gas Firing system (John Webster)
VCR Act applies to all products.

Ideal for Museum, Re-enactors, Film work.

Example of some of the reproductions available.

British WW2 Weapons

6 pounder Anti Tank Gun

4.2 inch Mortar

3 inch Mortar

2 inch Airborne Mortar

Home Guard Weapons

Northover Projector

Spigot Mortar / Blacker Bombard

American WW2 Weapons

37mm M3 Anti tank gun, for towing.

37mm M3 Anti tank gun rear mounted for Jeep or Weapons carrier.

75mm Recoilless Rifle, Can be fitted into a 30/50 cal machine gun cradle.

60mm M2 Mortar

German WW2 Weapons

Puppchen Raketenwerfer 43. 88 mm calibre Anti tank gun.

37mm PAK 36 Anti Tank gun

80 mm Mortar Granawefer 34

8cm Mortar Granawefer 42

2.8 cm SPZ B41 Anti tank gun

Nebelwerfer 41 150mm Six barrel Mortar


Reproduction Tanks, Armoured cars, Staff cars.

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