Dave Roe Halftrack Parts

Only obtainable from us, our professionally fabricated floor kits for the M3 Halftrack are essential to reinstate your Halftrack to its proper M3 configuration.

As Halftracks get harder and harder to find in good condition, our kits have proved popular with halftrack restorers as they are faithfull reproductions, professionally engineered and realistically priced.

The kits include the steel parts (but not upholstery) rear floor, lockers, seat backs and bases for the M3.

Often missing from halftracks, we also produce Mine, Rear Body and the 8 piece Rifle Stowage Racks that are exact copies of originals and fit your Halftrack easily.

Also available are fabricated steel exhaust manifolds for GMC 270 engine. They won't crack.

Our workmanship is first class and our customers are more than delighted with their parts.

We also make High quality reproduction .30 cal Brownings to fit your military vehicle.
(VCR Act applies)

Located close to London Gatwick Airport, we are just over an hour from the Dover channel port for easy collection.

Please ask for prices and any other information you may need.

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Dave Roe: 01342 715952