Timothy Drake Humvees


Available for export.

Own a piece of military history.

WARNING: These vehicles are a man’s machine and not for the faint of heart. They will climb a concrete wall or you can drive them under water with a snorkel kit, (not supplied or recommended). These vehicle's are all over 20 years old and NOT new and show normal wear and tear. All units may need light bulbs, switches, brackets etc.. All vehicles are mission ready and test driven between 100 to 200 miles. These M998 have street legal titles and are insured with a standard US Insurance carrier….
These last 6 out of the first 25 have all been majored by the US Army in the past few years and most have the newer 6.5 diesel. The years are: 1986, 1987,1989, 1993 and 1995 all of the miles range from 4K to 23K.

In our shop when they are off loaded from the government, they go straight to the mechanics for them to go over. Afterwards they are driven from 100 to 200 miles, then off to the paint shop for new paint. Then most receive New Tops.. New Rear Curtain.. New Seats.. Replace Engine start box’s that don’t function properly.. New Glow Plugs, Fresh oil changes.. Two new Batteries.. Alternators Replaced or calibrated... Then we add good Kevlar X doors with good glass, soft doors also available We invest in 6K to 12K invested in the makeover.
We have many other parts available like brush guards, top rear curtain, light seats etc.

Clients and Export Clients you are responsible for your own transport including export and export license. That being said we will assist you. All units are sold as is with no warranties or guarantees as that’s the way we bought them from the government. We can make no guaranties or warranties including your country or state for titling or insuring.. A good exporter will fill out the proper paper so it can be exported out of the country.

Our UK contact Peter at Mobile number 07748 551844 E Mail him at villefagnan@hotmail.co.uk

US Contact Tim 001 419 901 6510 USA E Mail nostep1@accnorwalk.com

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Timothy Drake: 001 419 901 6510
Peter Dixon: 07748 551844