The Editor, Ian Young, has owned and been involved with military vehicles for many years, his experience within the hobby has led to many friendships; friendships that have yielded a wealth of expertise that Military Machines International can draw upon for its editorial content. Contributors for MMI are set to include experts in the field of modern and WW2 vehicles; writers for the world-famous Jane's Military Vehicle Journals; professional restoration experts and independent publishers and historians. As the magazine develops, we can expect to receive additional help from overseas contributors, building an impressive team of experts in the field, all of whom are keen to share their knowledge with the readers of

This new 68 page, full colour monthly magazine is aimed at the increasing numbers of enthusiasts taking an active interest in the collecting and restoration of exmilitary vehicles. In addition to those already participating in the hobby, MILITARY MACHINES INTERNATIONAL will introduce this fascinating world to those who may have only dreamed of owning their own military vehicle, providing information on the purchase and restoration of all types of military vehicles.
Access to and the availability of ex-military equipment has never been greater in the world-wide growth leisure interest market, with the UK being a primary source of military vehicles for the private sector. Attendance at the week-long 2000 War & Peace Show, the world's largest gathering of privately owned military vehicles and based in the UK, was an all-time high with over 3,200 historic military vehicles on display, and with massive public support it's a perfect indication of the level of interest in this fascinating and absorbing hobby. If you were to multiply this number ten fold, you might get somewhere close to the actual numbers of privately owned military vehicles in the UK alone, many of which never get to see the light of day at shows such as War & Peace.
Our readers will be those people potentially spending many thousands of pounds on their hobby each year, but who currently lack a quality monthly magazine on this specialised subject. Limited to quarterly and bi-monthly titles, where the frequency of the publication was dictated by a lack
of available investment funds by the publishers, rather than a lack of demand, we feel that we are perfectly placed to offer a quality all-colour magazine that will not only sustain and satisfy the interest of current enthusiasts, but attract new blood into this incredible hobby. We aim to be the first publication to offer a tailor-made magazine aimed at and written by military vehicle enthusiasts who will be readily available to anyone with an interest in the subject or with aspirations of owning their own military vehicl
On Sale 1st Thursday of each month
Vehicle buying guides & advice.  
Features on many types of vehicles from WW1 to modern day, from wheeled vehicles to tanks and tracked armour.
Long term vehicle restoration stories.
Visits to places of interest, including museums, dealer's yards, MV shows, manufacturers and defence equipment exhibitions.
Regular updates of on-going restoration projects around the country.
Help and advice on restoration techniques and regular equipment appraisals.
Book reviews. Archive Features.
Military vehicles in civilian service.
Free classified adverts.
Reader's letters and news pages.

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