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M113-A1 APC / IDF Half Track complete Power Pack 6V53 Detroit Diesel

6V53 screaming Detroit Diesel ,318cui 210hp @2800rpm two stroke, complete with transfer case and Allison TX-100 3 speed automatic transmission. Overhauled army spare unit, never installed in tank, only run as display, oils looks like new, start on button and could be hear running. In this complete condition with alternator/regulator, flame heater, all filters, e.g. not often to find. Also nice option for US Half Track to replace the original weak high consumption gas engine with that screaming Detroit as the Israelis did for their IDF Half Tracks, they also use the TX-100 A/T in it, so only put it directly behind the egine without transfer case. Could be shipped worldwide on pallet. Asking 4200Euro (the engine alone normally sells around 3000E w/o any accesory on) or maybe swap against aircraft eng or turbine. Transmission maybe sold seperately

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