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British Enfield .303 Bren MkIII Light Machine Guns

The shortest and lightest version of the Bren series; much favoured for jungle warfare. Enfield marked and 1950s dated, folding bipod, 30-shot magazine, polished wooden butt. These are all matching numbered examples with 100% original finish, so new that we had to cut them out of their original military packaging and dissolve the cosmoline. Brand new Condition. Deactivated to EU/UK Specification with fixed bolt and some moving parts, removable magazine. Legal EU/UK Proof House Certificate. If you want the best, look no further, we can even supply the original packaging if you don’t mind the messy grease. Please Specify if you require this. OA 108cm, Brl 55cm. £495 + £18 P&P.

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