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Browning M2 Machine Gun with sound effects

This machine gun was made by a specialist manufacturer to be part of an outdoor laser combat game. It weighs approx. 30kg with tripod and looks realistic. The gun is a machined aluminium alloy casting, comprising of about a dozen parts that have been screwed together. The gun can accept a chain-linked ammo belt in the normal way and the re-cocking mechanism functions well, with a satisfying clunk on release. The tripod has been modelled on the real item and is fabricated from steel. The T&E (traverse & elevation) mechanism is something of a compromise, but functions. Originally, this weapon was fitted out to be part of an infra-red combat games system called "HeadHunter" and has electronics built into the main body and barrel. The ammo-bin contains a small PA, powered by an SLA 12volt rechargeable battery and connects to the gun by cable. In close proximity the volume is adequate and provides a sound that most of us would hear in action films. £400.

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