Recommissioned Supacat MK IIa 1600 TD

This was originally a Mk II Supacat that was uprated by the Manufacturer to be one of the first MK IIa variants. The vehicle has one inch duplex chains and a 1600 TD engine.

Fantastic condition. Road registered as a special type vehicle which is MOT exempt. (Currently SORN).


Many parts on this vehicle have been replaced, to include a full cambelt change, new oil, fuel and air filters. New handlebar switch, base seats, seat belts, fire extinguisher, rear mud flaps, tail light lenses, tailgate skin, front air vent canvas cover, wing guards and replacement oils in all drive axles and reduction gearboxes. The vehicle electrics are in full working order.

The Supacat 6x6 1600 TD has permanent six wheel drive (6x6) with the front four wheels (two axles) steered conventionally (Ackerman) by using a rotating handlebar arrangement.

These handlebars also operate the steering brakes (inboard discs) which act independently on each side of the vehicle giving brake (skid) steering. The Supacat is diesel powered and driven through a torque convertor, three forward and one reverse ratio automatic gearbox. The final drive to the front and rear wheels is by heavy duty one inch pitch duplex chains.The body of the Supacat is made from graded aluminium and forms a hull which enables the vehicle to float and protects the majority of mechanical components. The belly plate is of 5mm hardened aluminium.



Philip Caple - All Terrain Vehicle Solutions: 01823 673396

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