M2 .50cal all steel custom made replica for gas fire or airsoft

All steel custom made replica M2 .50cal: The main body of the gun is made from 5mm steel rather than the usual 3mm seen on most replicas.
Genuine barrel handle Genuine top cover. Genuine feed paws.
Genuine slide mechanism Genuine rear assembly including: grips triggers, selector, buffer. Genuine rear sight.
Can supply the following genuine parts: plastic charge handle and grips. QCB handles can also be supplied 1 live type and 1 blank type. Can also supply genuine barrel support (2 types available)
Can supply airsoft internals Removable barrel.
Can be fitted to gas fire or airsoft.
£1000 ono part trade welcome for GPMG parts and or Airsoft 240b. Located Cambridgeshire, can bring to Odyssey, Essex Military and Flying Machines, Combined Ops, Victory Show and others.

Tyler Binge: 07817 582669

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