Fully overhauled IHC Half-track M5 Personnel carrier 1943-04 ‘Krystyna’

This Halftrack M5-2696-ORD#13541 was built by IHC in Chicago, Illinois USA on April 27th 1943.The M5 International, standardized in June 1942, is without any doubt the best US half-track ever built.
This specific example was used in the 1st Armoured Division (Dywizja Pancerna), under the charismatic leadership of General Stanislaw Maczek for the Liberation of Europe. After the war it was overhauled by Mercedes-Benz and entered the French Army in the early fifties were it saw active service in French Guyana. In the early 80’s is was bought as surplus by the Belgium collector Mr. Louis Amerijckx, in these days Chief Justice on the Brussel Court.
A few years later it was discovered by Ivo Rigter in Max Roberts workshop in Waterloo.
This Halftrack is fully overhauled in our workshop in Maarheeze.
Very detailed brochure available. For more information, please contact BAIV BV +31 6 518 22 502
BAIV BV Specialist in Armoured and Tracked Vehicles

BAIV BV : +31 651 822502

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