Coca Cola crate

U.S. Army ration crate Dimensions (LxWxH): 49 x 33 x 23cm.
We made the german crate for the" movie " FURY ".
Well-made replica crate.
Coca Cola crate for 24 bottles. U.S. Army 1943 version.
Replica army crates used during the Second World War.
Van den Bergh Militaria produces those boxes and crates you have been unable to find. For use in your army truck or jeep, your exhibits, film set or personal collection!
We craft well-made and historically accurate wooden WWII crates and boxes.
The boxes we produce are replica Second world war army boxes. Boxes used by German Wehrmacht, U.S. Army or the British military.
We also provide custom-made boxes for military vehicles, re-enactments and films.
We take great pride in our replica boxes.
Experts and aficionados will certainly appreciate the detail.

Ton van den Bergh - WW11 Boxes NL: 0031 618 190919

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