CVRT FV102 Striker Swingfire Missile Launcher with spares & Missiles.

Road Registered historic vehicle, exempt from Road Tax and MOT.
Purchased in 1999 direct from MOD Disposal Sales Agency. Army 03 SP 40.
Featured in Tanks Illustrated No. 22 by Simon Dunstan.
Spent the first four years undergoing a complete overhaul & rebuild by ex. REME Officer, (myself),  and is complete in every respect. It has:- New Tracks (covered only 20 miles since fitting). New drive sprockets. New steering and main brakes. New clutch. Complete base metal respray. Full internal refit.
All missile sighting and control systems incl. SIMBAT (Simulated Battle Controller). Full complement of missile bins and containers.
The last 4 new Swingfire missiles (inert) direct from BAE. Full vehicle flotation screen and fittings.
Full complement of stowage bins.
Complete separated sight and cable reel. Radios, helmets & headsets. LMG mount with de-act Bren, mags & case catcher.
Substantial and comprehensive mechanical & electrical spares,operation manuals, spares lists and drawings also available
This is the most complete Striker you will find that a civilian can own and totally unique.
All parts used in the re-build were new, not NOS (new old stock).
Private sale, so no VAT.
The vehicle is also fitted with a complete set of smoke/grenade launchers. It has always been kept in my garage at home..
 Further details, photographs and parts list/manuals available by e mail. 
Can arrange export and documentation/licences.

Bill Bates: 07971 111213

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