Ford GPW 1945 matching numbers

Ford GPW 1945 jenuary 9th A Ford GPW WWII 1945 very rare with Matching numbers and this is not usual for a car that has been in Italy for a long time. Has been used in the “Spring 1945 offensive operation” named “ Operation Grapeshot”, was the final Allied attack during the Italian Campaign in the final stages of the Second World War, launched by the United States Fifth Army, the British Eighth Army and the Brazilian Expeditionary Force into the Lombardy Plain which started on 6 April 1945 and ended on 2 May with the surrender of German forces in Italy. The car has been completely restored 2 years ago and never used. It is a perfect conservative restoration by using all parts and items NOS or original, coming from Italian stock (supplied during the war ) and from USA (nothing remake in Cina). Engine, transmission, transfer, headlights, tyres Ford script, carburator, radiator have been rebuilt with Nos parts Any single part of this beautifull Ford GPW has been restored with all the original screws and bolts. Even if it is a ’45 production, most of the parts are with the “F” of Ford script. The car runs very well; engine and transmission (second gear never comes out) allow to ride in all the weather conditions. This car comes with all the standard equipment and a lot of optional parts as first aid, decontaminator, fire extinguisher, original NOS tyre pump, tyre guage, Radio SRC 510 complete with antenna, microphone, headphones, jack and other original parts. Some ther optionals are available: defroster, compass, snow tyre chains, tank filler, winter kit and more.

Price required 34.000 Euros.

Marco Rossi: +39 335 5888145

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