Original 1943 British Airborne Jeep For Sale

Unlike some of the post war converts, this Airborne Jeep has the original quick-release steering-wheel, strengthened & shortened front bumper with spare wheel dishes and rear bumper modification for A-frame.
Rebuilt and modified by the Royal Engineers during WW2 for use by the British airborne forces, which explains the ford engine on a Willy’s frame.

Honourably discharged from the army in 1957 for civilian life and has had one owner since then.
Rebuilt again in recent years to replace a rotten tub.
The innards of the gear box and transfer case were completely rebuilt and an overdrive added by ‘Universal Jeep Supplies’.
This was done for high speed road driving and the reduction of engine wear & tear.
Perfect if you want to drive it to Goodwood or War & Peace. The Overdrive can easily be disguised or removed for the experts but I really do recommend it.
There’s plenty of other wonderful details to talk about but I don’t have enough space, If you would like to find out more then please do get in touch.

Otis Waby: 01428 715490

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