Saurer Second World War Trucks Mint Condition

Saurer 1939 m8 (8x8) Saurer 1939 m6 (6x6) Saurer 1952 mh4 (4x4) convertible spare engine for the m8/m6 and 24 tyres for theM8/M6.
The Saurer M6 (also called Saurer M6 M) is a 6x6 truck model, which established the Adolph Saurer AG in 1940. The payload of 2.5 tons.
The Swiss Army ordered 338 Saurer M6s in 1940; an additional 16 came with solid construction as radio trucks. Almost identical was the 8x8 model Saurer M8 M 3.5 tons 8x8 noted in "unusual locomotion", inclusive of the prototype only 79 M8 trucks were built.
Many components of the Saurer M6 also found use in the Saurer MH4.
The Saurer MH4 was a 4x4 military vehicle of the Swiss Army that was used from 1945 to 1985 as troop transport. 
Sold as a parcel.

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