Deactivated MG34s and many more at Aubrey Military Antiques

Deactivated MG34s and many more at Aubrey Military Antiques.
Many quality rare items in stock including WW2 German MG42 Mountain Gebirgsjaeger Lafette Tripod, various MG34 Lafettes, deactivated MG34s, Walther P38s, Mauser HSc, rare Israeli DROR LMG, Beretta 92, rare vehicle mounted 8cm Mortar, MGZ40 optical sights for mg34/42, many matching K98 bayonets, Mg34 saddle-drum topcover adapter plate and much more.
All payment methods accepted including 'layaway' payments.

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Chris Corbett - Aubrey Military Antiques: 07767 887315

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