The Australian Armour & Artillery Museum

The Australian Armour & Artillery Museum are dedicated to the collection, preservation, restoration and display of armoured vehicles and artillery from the 1800's to the present day.
Our collection includes armoured vehicles and artillery from both world wars with a particular focus on WWII.
Currently our collection consists of 108 armoured vehicles and artillery pieces, many of which will not be found anywhere else in Australia. We are constantly on the lookout for additional pieces of equipment that will make our museum a richer experience for those visiting.
We offer rides in our de-commissioned APC (Armoured Personal Carrier) that is specially reconfigured to seat 10 passengers and is available onsite daily at two convenient times (conditions apply).
Our custom built WWII shooting gallery is now also open. Join us downstairs for your opportunity to shoot military related bolt action rifles including a WWII British 303 and German Mauser.
The Australian Armour & Artillery Museum offers the perfect experience for the whole family, there is even a kids corner where children can take a photo dressed as a real soldier, try on genuine army gear and play on the battle re-creation table allowing their imaginations to run wild.
We also have a cafe area where you can enjoy a coffee, cool drink or snack and a retail section where you will find a surprisingly diverse collection of specialty items including model kits, paints, toys, puzzles, reference books and souvenirs.

Robert Lowden: +617 4038 1665

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