Collection Of deactivated weapons and militaria

Jungle carbine no5 , 1945 dated made at Fazerkely. Matching stock receiver and bolt. All proper English not refurbed or has any number 4 parts used. Complete with sling , magazine, bayonet lug, certificate and 5 rounds some with 45,43 dates. The weapon cocks strips and dry fires. £575ono.
Right Uzi, excellent condition , complete grips with wooden stock , mag pouch and comes with 3 magazines (£60 worth of extras) and certificate. Deactivated with moving trigger and associated grip safety, moving cocking handle which can catch in rearward position to looked cocked. Marked MP Uzi cal 9mm with serial number. £299 ono.
 Left Uzi, excellent condition , complete grips with wooden stock , 2 magazines , 1 magazine shell, sling, 10x9mm rounds and certificate (reissued). Deactivated with fixed trigger and associated grip safety, moving cocking handle. marked MP uzi cal 9mm with serial number. £279 ono.
U.S. M7 bayonet for the M16/Armalite rifles in it's correct U.S. M8A1 scabbard made by P.W.H. The bayonet has an excellent chequered black plastic grip. The bottom of the crossguard is stamped with "U.S. M7" and on the other side of the blade with "boc". The scabbard is green composite and has a metal throat mount which is stamped "U.S. M8A1". £80.
A matching dated and maker, bayonet and scabbard.
1943 dated Wehrmacht Model 1884/98 Mauser bayonet with light brown wooden grips for the K98 Rifle. The metal scabbard is stamped “43 cvl” and 4960 on the reverse side.
The ricasso on the blade is stamped, “43 cvl” which denotes manufacture at WKC Waffenfabrik, Solingen Wald There are several correctly coded waffenamts on the pommel and finial. non matching serials £80(ill throw in 5x 7.92 cases as well for free)
The 7.62 belt of 59 rounds is mega cheap at £39 and the 2 clips are £10.
Cavalry Sabre, 1860. Inspector stamped and dated. Steel scabbard with rings, black leather grip with twisted brass wire wrap. Brass hilt and knuckle guard. Very close copy to the originals
Repro cavalry civil sabre is £99.

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