Scammell Pioneer SV/2S

Scammell Pioneer 6x4 breakdown tractor SV/2S, No 5964 Nov 1945.
Supplied from the factory with a larger brake air compressor, lifting bollards to the hubs and a spare wheel. Full strip and rebuild including: re-cored radiator with correct spiral wound tube, new brake cables, new transmission brake drum, new clutch centre plate and bearing, new main and hand winch cables, brakes relined, cab re-skinned, new door frames, new wind screens with toughened glass, new front wings, new timber on rear body, new low speed marine type alternator, new batteries, new exhaust, new canvas to seats, mud flaps and side screens, new jib winding gear chain, all wiring renewed to correct specification. Items overhauled or refurbished: original speedometer rebuilt by Speedograph, all instruments correct and working, original late style air compressor overhauled with new main and big end bearings, engine fan bearings renewed, fuel lift pump refurbished, injectors overhauled, cylinder heads removed and refurbished, fuel filters overhauled/renewed, brake servos(main and trailer) overhauled, all air valves, control valves and relief valve overhauled, winch overhauled, winch cable guide arms and feed rollers overhauled, rear hub seals replaced, rocking beam seals renewed, driver instruction decals replicated, front axle stripped and set up, all springs stripped, cleaned and inspected, fuel tank repaired, Neate brake overhauled, radiator float renewed, all engine water hoses renewed and steering box overhauled.
Kit includes snatch blocks, wheel scotches with new wire ropes, shackles, cordage 4”, 2 ½” and 1 ½” , rope blocks, skidding, gun planks, ground rollers, one ground anchor, towing pole, draw bar, shovel, air hose, all as per instruction manual. Sadly the overall chains are not present. Comes complete with driver’s instruction manual , REME Recovery manual and training films. LED hazard light fitted to the rear.
Standard pattern tail light/number plate light fitted but discrete LED stop/tail/brake lights fitted to the rear and white marker lights to the front. Starts on the button with no smoke and excellent economy from the Gardner 6LW. Good brakes, properly set up steering and a responsive engine makes it easy to drive in traffic.
Details of the restoration blog can be sent to interested parties.

Chris Hutchinson: 07967 830223

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