Sd.Kfz.303 Goliath Replica

Sd.Kfz.303 Goliath Replica
Goliath replica was build in 2011. We have 2D and 3D CAD documentation which was based on orginal Sd.Kfz.303 from WW2. Measurements of all parts, joinery technique as well as the built of all systems match the technology used in 1940.
There is an option to buy:
Sd.Kfz.303 Goliath - whole vehicle (photo 1)
Complete vehicle equipped with original engine Zundapp SZ7. Body and tracks are brand new replicas based on original Goliath from WW2. Ready to use. Various configuration options. There is option to use modern engine for example HONDA. Price: 16850 EUR
Sd.Kfz.303 Goliath - body replica (photo 2)
Complet brand new Goliath's body (main metal body, suspension, guage/beam wheels, driving wheels with cast cover, tracks stretching wheels, control panel etc.) ready to install orginal engine or modern engine and tracks. It contains more then 600 parts. Welding, riveting, benging etc. match the technology used in 1940. Price: 6 950 EUR
Sd.Kfz.303 Goliath - tracks replica (photo 3 and 4)
Complet brand new set of tracks ready to be installed. It contains around 850 parts. Sheet metal parts welding and bending match the technology used in 1940. Price:2900 EUR
Sd.Kfz.303 Goliath - orginal engine (photo 5)
Engine from WW2, 2 stroke, 2 cylinder, cooled by the air. It was taken from damage Goliath vehicle and use after WW2 as drive for 24V power generator. After full renovation (cylinder hole bushing and honing, new piston rings, planned head perfect conditon (carburetor, electromagnetic clutches work properly) ready to use. Price: 7300 EUR
Sd.Kfz.303 Goliath - modern engine (photo 6)
There is an option to purchace modern engine into Goliath's body. We have prepared a draft of the chain transmission system for modern engine. It includes also electromagnetic clutches. Vehicle with modern engine starts easier and is more controllable. Speed is the same Price: 2 490 EUR
Photos , video and detailed offer available by email.
More information
Whole vehicle price (body, suspension, tracks) is 7 500 EUR

Rafa? Krajewski : 00485 055 37237

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