Willys/Hotchkiss Jeep

I purchased this Jeep in 2007, after it had undergone a ground up restoration.
On evidence of the restorer's research it started out as a wartime jeep which was subsequently taken over by the French Army.
In 1956 it was then rebuilt at the "La Maltournee" factory and given a new chassis number.
It was rebuilt again in 1968 and given a Hotchkiss body and engine.
It came to the U.K. in 1999 and benefitted from a gearbox rebuild and rebuilt axles.
In the nine years that I have owned this jeep it has had a new steering box, new fuel tank and new brake master cylinder fitted.
This is a very reliable and good running vehicle and comes with three musette bags, U.S. Army kit bag, camo net 5 piece aerial and new second spare tyre with tube.

£13,125 ovno. 

Tim Stevens : 07749 999786

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