Dodge Command Car

1943 Dodge Command Car with radio set, 30ft whip aerial on original ceramic base, and front mounted winch. It has full weather gear, including canvas doors and an un-torn folding canvas roof. On the rear it holds an original pick axe, axe, and shovel.
The vehicle is in very good condition and has been regularly serviced, it is in total original condition and none of the mechanics have been rebuilt apart from service items i.e. brakes.
I have owned this vehicle for more than 30 years where it has been carefully stored in a dry barn for the duration, before that it was dry stored for 19 years.
The vehicle's mileage is 16,150.
I have been told that the vehicle has not see active service, but was instead used by Pathe News as a prop during the war, I have been told it appeared in the films A Bridge Too Far and Kelly's Heroes.
Near Stroud, Glocs.

Richard Bryant: 01285 821248

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