1942 Kübelwagen Tribute

Hand built, one of a kind tribute car. Most cannot tell it from an original. 
This is a one of a kind kübelwagen tribute car, hand built between 2005 and 2008 (it isn’t a KoobleKar kit).
Using a 1962 VW bug pan, this steel constructed vehicle consists of replica parts from Lehar Military Vehicles, original WWII parts, post-war parts, and hand crafted parts. Although it looks old and tired in the photos, it’s new & solid construction. 
The paint job was “distressed” to look like it just came out of the desert for displays and reenactments. Titled and street registered in Nebraska, it starts right up and runs strong. A build blog with build photos & details will be made available to serious parties.

This is a nearly indistinguishable copy for less money than an original (which in many cases have many reproduction parts built on an original pan w/VIN), and you can drive it in the field like you want to without worrying about tearing up a 70 year old vehicle.

Please email for detailed photos. $40,000. (US)



Chuck Anderson

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