Dodge S7 MA 51 for sale.

Started his live as Command Car on September 3th 1942 and went to France and participated in the liberation of Europe.
After the war, returned to the US where, at the request of the French army, building/conversion to an ambulance was conducted by the firm Boyertown body works.
According to the previous owner, he was taking part in the war in Indochina and Vietnam then he has for years served in the French Alps.
Specifics: Year built 1942/1951 Dutch registration. The body requires no welding. New wheel brake cylinders + master cylinder and brake lines. New fuel line. New radiator. New Release bearing and clutch plate. New rear differential. Fully equipped with new oil and coolant and filters. Technically very good. Should only be optically overhauled. According to the building card is a Command Car and therefore ideal to build back. Additional photos on request.
Asking Price € 9900.

Coos van den Heuvel: 0031 0621 420777

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