1944 A34 Comet Mk1 Model A – Victor T335227

This Cruiser Tank, A34 Comet Mk1 Model A, was without any doubt the best British tank in the WW-II. With its powerful 17-pounder gun it was the answer to the to the heavily armoured German Panther and Tiger Tanks. This example, named by its crew 'VICTOR', was used by the British 2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomany in the period January 1945 till the Victory parade in Berlin in August that year. After the war it remained in British Service as training tank for the Territorial Service until 1969. After active service it shortly became a gate guard however it was lucky to be recovered and became an member of the Military Museum in Geneva till this was closed. At the start of this century it was rescued by the British collector Mr. Ian Galliers who, after a couple of years, decided to restore it to its former Glory. The main part of the restoration work was effectuated in the period 2008-2010 by Mr. David Arnold, former director of the Isle of Wight Military Museum. From this tank only a few survivors have been left worldwide. Gun (barrel currently not installed due to exhibition purposes) is still life however can be de-militarized at customer’s request. British WW-II Historic Armour is a good Investment! This has been undervalued in relation to the US built examples during a long time. However often technical superior the British armour was unfortunately less popular than for instance the US built Stuarts, Sherman’s, Chaffee’s and other models. We are sure that this is rapidly going to change. Reason for this is that British armour is far more rare, from a technical point much more interesting, in some cases absolute superior to US built armour but most of all very exciting and great fun to drive. If you compare for instance the Meteor V12 with the radial engines as installed in a lot of US built tanks these engines are without any doubt superior the American variants. Moreover the semi epileptic gearboxes as installed in later British tanks make them highly manoeuvrable. BAIV currently has an excellent choice of British WW-II Historic Armour being this A34 Comet Tank Mk 1 Model A and a A27L Centaur Dozer. Both are fully operational and ready for the show season 2017.
Therefore this tank is a must-have for a serious collector of WW-II tanks!
Price Euro 269.750,- ex works Maarheeze.
We can ship worldwide.
Any questions please ask BAIV BV, Maarheeze, The Netherlands, +31 6.518 22.502 see our website or sent us an E-Mail.

BAIV BV : +316 518 22502

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