Catawiki Military Vehicle Auctions

Catawiki’s auctions are carefully compiled by our team of specialist auctioneers to bring you the best in Military Vehicle selections. They help guarantee a varied and high quality selection of lot listings.

Our online Military Vehicle Auctions are stocked with all types of used yet fully functioning military surplus and privately owned vehicles. Not only can you find Armored & Tracked, Light Vehicles, Jeeps, Land Rovers, Medium Vehicles, Heavy Vehicles, Trailers, Motorcycles & Bicycles, Spares & Accessories, but you’ll see ambulances and even aircraft up for auction as well. These vehicles have all been demilitarized (in accordance with the laws of the Netherlands and EU) and are ready for sale to the general public. Demilitarization means that all decals, modifications, and artillery (if applicable) have been removed. 

Catawiki Facts and Figures

35,000 + lots sold every week

181 auctioneers

14 million visitors every month

300 + weekly auctions

Jeff Browning - Catawiki Auctions: +31 652 09 7944

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