1940 Chevrolet G506 Winch model 4x4 One and half ton Cargo truck. Original Unmolested

Nice early 1940 Closed cab Chevy G506.
Mostly complete and correct untouched. Imported from USA.
Perfect for new owner to discover its past, plenty of USA markings under its what looks like only one ever respray. All metal is very solid including cab, doors etc. Data tag shows delivery date 12/40. Engine is stuck from sitting, but I wil include another complete 1942 engine.|
Maybe just a mechanical renovation and use it as is? You cant re create originality.
Considering how many of these were made, they are fairly rare now and very usable.
Comes with USA title and Nova import doc for easy UK registration. £6500

Marcus Sutcliffe: 07890981626

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