WANTED - Parts for T-34/76 Restoration

WANTED - T-34/76 parts especially 76 Turret Parts and War-Time Wheels.
All 76 Turret Parts Needed, from Hull Top Plate Upwards.
I am restoring a T-34/76 hull back to original 76 turret specification, circa 1943, and am looking for all related parts to do this job.
I am especially looking for a 76 turret, 76 gun & mantlet.
All original internal turret parts are needed including turret winding gear, sights, periscope and ammunition racking. I am looking for other 76 parts including war-time radio, external antenna mount and other interior hull parts like ammunition storage boxes and interior fittings.
I am also looking for war-time pattern wheels and early swing arms, early drive sprockets would also be of interest.
If you are interested in the current state of play please see the following link: https://www.facebook.com/T34tankrestoration/

Alex Hall: 07748 392678

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