Fully equipped 1945 Ford GPW

This is an outstanding 1945 Ford GPW.
Converted to 12 volt. It is in excellent condition both mechanically and body wise. It has some outstanding extras, many of them original and has to be seen to be fully appreciated.Included with the jeep are the canvas cover and windshield cover.
The tyres are like new and have had little wear.
Extras include a 1943 .30 cal deactivated machine gun with jeep pedestal mount,ammo box attachment, 50 no inert .30 cal rounds and bandelero, 6 no ammo tins, ground tripod, canvas cover and accessory kit and bag. A 1942 Thompson machine with mag and .45 caliber inert rounds an original Thompson leather scabbard and a canvas cover.A 1942 M1 carbine with mag and inert rounds and canvas cover. A jeep holder for the MI fitted to the jeep.
The jeep is fitted with a radio with original full aerial and has an authentic 6 volt siren converted to 12 volts.
It has a beautiful wooden and labeled storage box. there are about 12 US kit bags, water bottle,2 imitation metal helmets. Authentic first aid box with all the bandages etc in. Canvas seats to side and rear.
Decals in 506th 101st Airborne with heavy large 506th flag and WW2 type US aerial flag Every thing for the re-enactor and the shows.
This is registered in Ireland but was registered in UK until 3 years ago and could be easily registered back if required by buyer.
£21,000 UK Pounds.

Thomas Creamer: 07823 324272

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