This is an interesting piece. The weapon has clearly had a used life with remnants of camo.
It has the old coat of arms of South Africa.
And has marking on the top that I belive refers to the British South African Police.
They were the police force of Rhodesia it was a paramilitary force.
It comes complete with timber butt stock and armoured vehical conversion stock.
Also included is the personal magazine that holds a very limited supply of rounds.
I will deliver to the Chatham Military Fair only.
I will not sell to anyone that does not have a club membership. Or evidence of a military vehicle ownership. A current gun ownership ticket is also acceptable.
The gun has a certificate dated 2009. £2500. Money to be paid directly into my account or as agreed.
I do not accept telephone calls from hidden numbers.

Gregory Thibeault: 07771 843027

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