Defender 110 Winterised, Wolf Parts

Land Rover defender 110 winterised ex-mod, military, wolf 1990 'H' plate in NATO green for spares or repair only, overland, expedition?
My 110 is up for sale as I have two series 3 lightweight projects to complete and not a lot of spare time and if you are reading this you should know what to expect from an old army landy.
It has had a lot of time and effort, not to mention cash, spent to bring it back into service with MOT which has no advisories, see photos for last bill for works carried out and MOT. I fitted two good split two piece doors, the bottoms are very good with minimal surface rust and no repairs but a few dents, the tops are good aluminium units I kept from a previous military vehicle and remind me of an expensive aftermarket type but there are no stickers etc to indicate this, the original one piece military doors are available but will take considerable work to repair. I took this as a part ex project vehicle and the previous owner has added a lot of wolf parts, full h/d roll cage complete with side mounted spare wheel and serviceable tilt which is watertight, proper wolf side lockers, side air intake and raised air intake it also has the pioneer tools mountings on the bonnet and heavy duty rear bumperettes, I also fitted a set of defender seats with covers which are more comfortable than the old military units and the old ones are available with the vehicle. It has been one of the winterised vehicles with the rear area radiators which work well and are excellent at heating the vehicle even in the coldest months so it would make a good shoot vehicle or a base vehicle for a camper conversion, it has the auxiliary heater in the engine compartment but the condition of this is untested as it has been disconnected at some point in the past as well as the sealed dashboard gauges and instruments which the Royal Marines vehicles had but I have never checked it's military history.
It has also had the older type Daihatsu engine transplant which was popular before the availability of the 300tdi engines (I have been reliably informed) and it does offer more torque but it is still a slow vehicle compared to the modern Chelsea tractors. It is a heavy crank engine, I thought it was the starter motor at first so had this reconditioned but all it takes is a bit more heat in the plugs, it also has powered steering which is a bonus with these vehicles. Please be under no illusions with this vehicle as it needs some TLC, the interior is sparse and needs a good clean with some repairs and the battery box requires some work as it is perishing under the battery section, driver's side seems fine. It has had a new passengers footwell replaced as there was a hole drilled in the wing which left a channel for water to run through?? All work was done by a highly recommended Land Rover specialist, the repairs are listed and self explanatory. I also fitted a full set of Avon Rangemaster tyres with lots of tread to the original heavy duty wolf rims and the vehicle sits well on these. There will be more I have forgotten to mention as usual but the vehicle is listed honestly and as such it is sold as seen with no returns accepted, with no warranty or guarantee given or implied, I have listed the condition of the vehicle as it has been described to me by the mechanic as it is certainly not my specialist subject. The defender is priced sensibly as the wolf parts could be stripped and sold to return the vehicle to its original form but I will leave that up to the new owner. I can answer questions by email and I have listed the mobile number for contacting but please note the buyer is responsible for collection or shipping of the vehicle as I am very busy at work.
I do require a Fairey capstan winch and a bulkhead vent panel for one of my S3 lightweights but the prices would need to be realistic as this vehicle is a cheap project which could make a very good show vehicle with some work over the winter. The vehicle is sold as seen for spares and repairs with no warranty offered or implied and no returns accepted. The vehicle is located within 15miles of Glasgow Airport and local to both the M74 and M8 motorway so can quite easily be collected.

John Scott: 07748 880428

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