1945 Kubelwagen

Amazing find. Incredibly well preserved 1945 Kubelwagen.
Real survivor, most metal is still original and shows traces of being a true survivor of WW2.
Body, chassis, doors, engine decklid, all original steel! When did you see a kubel like this. Most of them are complete wrecks or are overrestored with just and alone replica sheetmetal. 
Comes with many accessories like sidewindows, jack, late model wooden toolbox, shovel, jerrycan, first aid kit, airpump, crankstart etc. Gearbox is original, steering wheel original (except hornbutton) front axle is original, engine is a 30HP from the 50ties. This Kubel shows real traces of war and most parts of it have seen the war. 
In my opinion a  rare find.
Just purchased out of a private collection where it stood for 10 years untouched.
Engine runs, but vehicle could use a small tune-up, because of sitting so long.
Price, please ask.

Airborne Garage BV: +31 (0)6418 45859

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