Inert ordnance from Cold War Collectables

New delivery of ordnance to Cold War collectables.
Inert PG-7 rockets complete with tail Green Polish training £150 real weight fully disassemble for training troops. Polish cutaway £200 Black Bulgarian trainer £140 Black Hungarian trainers £125 Inert PG-9 complete with booster still sealed brand new £95 Small arms inert ammunition 5.45x39 drill box of 20 £20 5.45x39 inert £2.50 per round 15 for £32 7.62x54r drill box of 20 £9 7.62x39 drill box of 20 £9 9mm Makarov box of 20 £6 14.5x114mm KPVT drill £3 per round 12.7x108mm DShK, Kord, NSV drill £3 per round 23x152mm ZSU Shilka drill £12.50 per round HK 4.6x28 MP7 £3 per round Magazines Russian 7.62x39 bakelite RPK £99 Black 5.45x39 RPK-74 Molot £45 60rd Russian casket 5.45x39 magazines £200 Russian 7.62x39 drum £125 Chinese 7.62x39 drum with pouch £90 H&K MP7 magazine £39 H&K MP5 magazine loader/unloader £29 Tank/Anti tank ordnance T55 105mm HE drill £125 T55 105mm APFSDS drill £135 T34/85 inert £100 T62 projectile £45 Leopard 1 complete range fired £85 Leopard 2 range fired projectile £45 Carl Gustav 84mm British drill £45 Carl Gustav HE painted German practice round £30 German practice Carl Gustav 84mm £20 Grenades and Miscellaneous ordnance Russian AO2.5RT submunition £150 Russian PTAB2.5M submunition £120 German SD-2 butterfly bomb body Uncleaned as found £10 POMZ-2M stick mine £35 Hungarian M42 stick grenades £22 Russian RKG-3M anti tank grenade £200 East German RKG-3EM anti tank grenade £225.
All prices are plus postage

Jip McTavish: 07590 456386

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