2006 UK Alvis Shielder, High Mobility Load Carrier (HMLC)

The Shielder HMLC is a Tracked Armoured load carrier with flatbed platform, and is part of the Stormer family of Armoured vehicles, which is itself a development of the CVRT range. The flat bed can adopted for a wide range of roles such as logistic carrier, bridge layer repair / recovery and towing. Built to a high specification the vehicle hull is composed of aluminium armour to protect the crew against small arm fire and shell splinters. The hull sides are sloped inwards at the bottom to reduce radar signature.
The hull accommodates 2 personnel, comprising of the driver and commander, in a single compartment which has both air conditioning and NBC protecting the crew from external contamination. Year: 2004 Country of Origin: UK Make: Sankey Model: Alvis Shielder Body Type: n/a Engine: 6B-275 5.88lt Turbo Diesel Mileage(km/mi): 14000 Km Fuel: diesel Fuel Capacity: 500 Lt Weight(kilo): 9000 Kgs Length(m): 6250 mm Height(m): 2350 mm Wheel Base(cm): 2680 mm 1 previous owners before current owner Country last registered in: (UK-United Kingdom) Does it have registratioin papers: No Country where vehicle is located: France MOT/Safety Registration:(No) - Accessories & Extras included: (New battery (February 2018), New starter motor, all services are done. Condition:
Does the vehcile run: Yes
Are Brakes working: Yes
Can vehicle be driven without problems: Yes
Underbody condition: very good.
Maintenance performed annually: Yes
Faults: nothing.
This Vehicle can be viewed/retrieved in France. Offers are excluding transport and export, unless otherwise indicated.

Yannic Fogel: 0033 783 686470

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