Gama Goat M792

Model: M792 sanitary version with original hardtop. 
Year: 1972, original military version Detroit Diesel engine 353.
Description: The vehicle is in excellent condition, starts on button, run, and swim without any problems. During restoration process following job was done: Electric installation, all cables, harness –new! (NOS) Breaking systems: breaking cylinders, hoses, pump, pads – new! (NOS) All shock absorbers – new! (NOS) All shaft cross joints – new! (NOS) Oil pressure gauge, temperature gauge, fuel gauge, and sensors – new Head lamps – new, and according to EU standards Side indicators in orange colour – new! (NOS) Steering wheel – new! (NOS) Seats – new! Canopy – new! Tyres – new! (NOS) Cooling system - new Engine, gear box, transfer box was disassembled, checked and assembled – all gaskets, and sealing was changed. Body was repainted, and all stencils are new. All the spare parts, were bought from original suppliers in Europe, and USA – can be proved by original invoices. Set of 5 pcs, spare tyre is included in the price.
More photos available on request.

Przemyslaw Szypica: +39 345 6735990

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