Retirement Cut back

Arthritis and other maladies enable a retired collector to offer his larger vehicles of many years for someone to carry on with them in military vehicle events or to enter the military hobby for the first time.
Comprising An M35A2 with winch 2 1/2 ton whistler Deuce 1959.
A GMC tipper 1941 with wooden steering wheel.
A 1961 Vietnam era M561 'Gamma Goat'. 6x6 front and rear wheel steer, Swimmer, Detroit Super charged two stroke diesel engine. 2x6 or 6 wheel Hi range 6x6 Low range.
The vehicle is registered as a tractor so interestingly would be nice for a family of enthusiasts to own to enable train and supervise a younger member to enter the hobby aged 16 years.
The only military vehicle they can so with. (Historic).
There are a host of spares with this vehicle including 7 wheels and nearly new tires.

David Cooper: 07596 000553

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