1942 Chevrolet G506 Cargo

Comprehensive restoration over 20 month period, totally dismantled and taken back to bare metal.
Professionally repaired where needed, fully etch primed before being sprayed with a top coat of light olive drab.
Mechanically it has had a full engine rebuild and complete new clutch, complete new brake system, new fuel system, all new seals and gaskets where needed, complete new wiring harness fitted with indicators inside original lights.
New exhaust, new front springs, rear shock absorbers and drop arms and lots more but too much to list. This truck will cruise happily at 45-50mph, and is a pleasure to drive.
This is an ideal truck for Normandy 2019!
Certainly one of the best Chevrolet G506's around, they don't come up often in this condition.

Shane Lycett: 07881 108258

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