Very Rare Lightweight Compressor Trailer 1944-45

Lightweight compressor trailer developed for use by British Airborne REME units during 1944-45 Comprises a Holman compressor powered by a modified Austin 10 engine mounted on a sturdy trailer chassis. Almost fully restored except for the engine does not work. The magneto has been refurbished, new petrol pump diaphragm, belts and gaskets.
It has been completely dismantled, sandblasted and re-assembled. New tyres.
The compressor has not been tested as the last test stamp on the air tank was in the 1970's. Forced to sell due to wife and another project.
This is a very rare piece of Airborne kit made by Brockhouse.
It has repro manufacturers plates with a fictitious number (within the correct range).
An ideal project for anybody interested in Airborne equipment, either with diorama potential or to restore to running condition.

Tony Lawrence: 07976 016061 or 01737 769907

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