Alvis Supacat WMIK

Owing to a change of circumstances with storage I am selling my Supacat.
This is the WMIK variant of the Alvis manufactured Supacat 6x6, its a MK III variant with the VW 1900 TDI engine.
The WMIK variant was designed as a go anywhere mobile gun platform sporting a .50 cal on top and a GPMG mounted at the front as well as clips for standard service SA rfiles. It holds 3 water cans, 3 fuel cans and a shed load of ammo tins! It also had GPS mount, twin speedo's and smoke dischargers.
Front Supawinch is brand new, operable and has the original plug in remote. Starts and runs, is currently taxed and road registered under an "X" Model year plate I have the military history via the Merlin report, its posted online if you google its reg from the pictures too.
The gun ring IS included as is the Fenlow .50 mount, as you can see from the pictures its in its flipped position as i had just taken it out the container to photograph it, it rotates back into position by hand.
I have a full set of spare tires for the vehicle will i will also include. I do have the GPMG and .50 cal deactivated to current standards by separate negotiation.
I also have the non WMIK cage if you did want to convert this back to a standard Supacat (available by separate negotiation).

Adam Courtney

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