1943 GPW

Unrestored 1943 GPW that was in the same family for many years, both the body and tub are in excellent condition and free from rust.
 With no previous repairs, in fact the body has never been off the Jeep and all the hat channels are solid.
It was repainted 30 years ago by a Vietnam vet but never properly restored, he painted directly over the original paint.
The Jeep bears its original USN Navy number 120293 which I have a picture of on the bottom of the windscreen. The Navy grey paint can be seen in many places over the top of the factory OD. Unfortunately the data plates were mislaid when it was painted but the details on the current plates are correct.
I have ordered a correct repro set from Dataplates 4 u which will be included. Despite being 75 years old it is still exceptionally complete with many of it’s original parts, full set of F marked seats, headlights, sparton horn, grab handles etc. I will also include all the parts that were removed when it was painted and converted to 12V (pictured) which include the original and rare F mark amp meter and original speedo. It is a great little Jeep, it starts, runs and drives beautifully and certainly standouts from the crowd.
Included with the sale will be an original winter hood (pictured) as well as a spare summer hood and 5 combat rims, which will need restoring.
All in all this is a wonderful and very original Jeep which I feel should be left as it is although my plan would be to convert back to 6V and refit the original parts and combats to maintain it’s originality.

Charles Huntingford: 07717 473563

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