1941 Willys MB Slat Grill Jeep

After 8 years of a wonderful ownership I will have to part with my Willys Jeep. 
I treated it like my baby and restored it to this beautiful state.
The price include an enormous amount of extra equipment and original spare parts. Speedometer and almost all the other gauges are original and working. The hood is new and was fabricated in the UK. All mechanical parts are perfectly working and have been overhauled.
There are even more extra parts which are not on the photos like engine oil, gearbox oil, bolts, bits and pieces.
 Serial #: 107653 D.o.d: 12-30-41 Body #: 9905 Engine #: 107798.
All above are visible on the photos.

Andreas Schubert: +436 642 544881

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