1945 M26A1 Pacific + M15a1 Trailer Dragon Wagon and M24 Chaffee

1945 M26A1 Pacific + M15a1 Trailer Dragon Wagon Loaded with 1945 Cadillac M24 Chaffee tank.
Unique combination  in Europe.
Pacific M26A1 has been professionally rebuilt in 2013 and is fully operational, original and fully equipped in the very details.
All New 1400x24 military bar treads.
NOS canvas and side windows.
Fully restored from the chassis , fully sand blasted, rebuilt engine.
 The Trailer has been sand blasted and respayed, is in original condition.
M24 Chaffee is in running condition.
Older restoration but complete and operational, new radiators.
Start on the button.  Could be sold  together or separate.  
Price and condition only by email with your name and address.  

Milweb Trade Seller
Alex Salome: +33 609 640982

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