Leopard 1 A5 BE Main Battle Tank

Masterpiece of German Post War Tank Technology in superb condition and ready to roll.
Model: Leopard 1A1 Country of Origin: Germany Crew: 4 (commander, gunner, loader, driver) Serial number: 54820 Hull ID: BB4853 Combat Weight: 46.73 tons Ground Pressure: 12.52 psi (0.88 kg/cm²)
Current location: BAIV UK Warehouse (near Birmingham)

Engine: MTU 830 bhp (619 KW) V-10 Diesel Dimensions (l x w x h): 31.3 ft. (9.54 m) x 11.06 ft. (3.37 m) x 8.56 ft. (2.61 m).
This Leopard 1 is executed in its final production version (A5). This version is the latest upgrade in its series and has an integrated fire control system consisting of a commander's stabilized panoramic telescope and a gunner's primary sight with stereoscopic rangefinder coupled to a fully-stabilized main gun and ballistic computer, upgraded with an EMES-18 FCS and thermal sights.
This is the tank for the real and serious tank enthusiast!
The tank is the best you can buy on the current marker.
Is fully serviced and will be delivered in perfect running order. Gun is professional demilitarized according EU requirements.
Comes with deactivation certificate and with full army maintenance history.
For more info ask a brochure. Price £ 200.000, - delivered from our warehouse in the UK fully serviced. We can ship worldwide. This Tank should be in your collection!
If you have any questions please ask BAIV BV, Maarheeze, The Netherlands; phone: +31 6.518 22.502; E-Mail: info@baiv.nl

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