Very, Very Rare Daimler Fox Prototype

Lily Fox is now ready for sale.
I have owned her since 2013 and enjoyed many hours with her she is now ready for a new owner who has the time to give her the tlc she needs. She has been recently stripped down, cleaned and put back together (this is not a full factory restore but a working clean up).
I have installed Full C42 Larkspur with internal intercom (including loads of spares for headphone harnesses etc).
The vehicle is also fitted with clansman NR intercom but requires headsets.
The cylinder head is the original off the line from Jaguar when Daimler asked for 15 engine blocks from the E-Type production line in 1967. Lily is number 9 of fifteen, one of only 4 prototypes left in the world and the only road registered and running prototype left.
She has all the usual foibles such as regular bevel box top up requirements, typical leaky british engineering but she is capable of between 80 - 90 MPH in both forwards and reverse (I backed off at 70 and still had a good couple of inched on the accelerator).
Lily is also potentially the fastest daimler fox in the world. Make me an offer and don't bother if you are thinking under £20k

Dale McKenzie: 07930 761888

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