SAS Europe Jeep M201

Jeep expertised by approved cabinet.
Excellent general condition, good body, new paint, new seats, new wheels and tires, brakes redone.
Petrol engine Type 403 - 8hp.
SAS equipment:
Front and rear shielding at G and P - WW2 UK fabrications.
WW2 original research flagship Arm replica from G and P -WW2 Fabrications UK
4 Vickers K VGO Gun accompanied by 10 replicas round cartridge magazine.
1 smoke lance pistol. 2 dummy side tanks In front of the raditor an original German wood case.
WW2 Rear basket tray (remanufactured), containing German wooden case, 2 cases with English ammunition, 1 German backpack, bag and mattress English sleeping bag, all original WW2.  All the boxes are empty.
The tire of the spare wheel on the front cap will be replaced by a military tire.
This vehicle runs very well and ready for all distances.

Jean Bennoteau: 0033 (0)251 286167

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