Amphibious Studebaker Weasel M29C Floater 1945

Amphibious Weasels like this one are very rare, especially in this condition. Starts on the button. Steering perfect. 3000 miles only. Never runs hot.Selling my Weasel to make space for other projects.
Had it for 10 years. Very complete and original. All the hard to get parts are there, such as electric windshield wipers and seatbelts, and tools for the tracks.
Amphibious Weasels like this one are very rare, especially in this condition. Came out of the Norwegian army in 1986, got their service manual with it, which registered every mile and liter of fuel and oil. Has driven only 3000 miles since leaving the factory in 1945, of which about 500 by me.
All original gauges, never replaced. Has always started on the button. Engine runs very nice and silent (what do you expect with only 3000 miles). Never overheats like many other Weasels do.
Steering works perfect. Comes with a working WW2 radio SCR-510, as originally mounted. Floaters have been restored complety and 100% waterproof. We mounted them last summer just before we went to the War & Peace show.
All amphibious components are present. Driveline of Capstan still needs to be installed. Small hole (which I caused myself) in hull needs to be repaired before entering water.
Rest of hull is solid / no rust. I replaced the tracks with rubber ones for more convenient and safer driving on asphalt. Driving 100 km in a day during an event is no problem at all. Original good tracks are still here.
Can be bought with or without the original tracks and a big bunch of difficult to get spare parts such as extra set of original NOS sprockets, NOS canvas seats etc (my so called private stock). Price and quantity to be negotiated during sale. Pictures from outside made last summer. Pictures from inside made few years ago, before mounting the floaters. Last picture is WW2, Rhine crossing. Weasel is currently dry stored.
Price for Weasel with tools and canvas only but without original tracks and spare parts is 34,500 euro.
Located in Holland. Shipping worldwide possible.
This is a rare opportuntity to buy a very complete and original Amphibious Weasel, with very low milage.

Xandre Zandbergen: 0031 626 020102

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