Rare Marder 1a3

The Marder came directly from the Munster Museum In Germany to the the USA.
This Marder is in original condition, released directly from the German Government in battle ready condition. I've never seen a Marder released directly from the German Government in such perfect shape and it will probably never happen again.
This is a once in a life time chance. 
It appears to be untampered and completely original as if it came off the industrial line. The 20mm gun and smoke discharges are demiled to US standards but the vehicle itself has no demilitarization/holes cut into the body. The Marder, while having a demilled gun, boast what appears to be a complete turret and weapon system to our knowledge. The turret powers up but the hydraulic motor that spins the turret does not have power going to it. We believe this is due to where it was previously owned.
The previous ownership was at a museum in the USA and we believe it had the power disconnected so volunteers and employees would not accidentally turn the turret on and loose a hand or get hurt due to spinning the turret and getting caught in the open design of the vehicle.
The MG 3 station on the turret looks to be complete and untampered and ready for an MG 3 or MG 42 to our knowledge. We have got the Marder up to around 35 MPH getting to parades and it ran perfectly. It stops on a dime, and the gun would be a great project for someone with the right licensing to get firing again.
The vehicle has been dry stored in a temperature controlled building it’s whole life in private hands and was serviced regularly.
It was rated battle ready by a Leopard mechanic that came to service it multiple times. Giving it a 10/10 rating mechanically and by completeness. The vehicle runs and drives great, starting on its first try when cold.
The power pack is like new, still with factory paperwork with updated hours. This is a once in a lifetime chance to own an unmolested, modern, and compete Marder 1a3 IFV strait from Germany's main military vehicle museum.
The vehicle also comes with complete paperwork from the Munster museum on its release, import papers, etc.
To our knowledge this is the only Marder 1a3 in private hand in the United States and the only Marder released from the German government (via Museum) in complete and untampered condition in private hands.

Anthony DeVito: 847 942 2574

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