Büssing NAG 4500 German Air Force Luftwaffe

Truck Büssing NAG 4500 A Year of construction: 1942 Engine: 6-cylinder diesel; 7.4 liters of displacement; 105 hp
More about the technology: four-wheel drive, non-synchronized transmission; No power steering (drivers!) Equipment: flatbed Condition: fully restored; no patina Main fields of application in the field: in this color with Wehrmacht air force, Reichsbahn, later Federal Railways Uses: by custom design with washable paint everything is possible Worth knowing / History: I bought the truck in the summer of 2009. At that time it was still orange and only a chassis.
Through the purchase, I met other Büssing fans. They could help me and also sell me a suitable wooden flatbed. Included In the former package was also all the orange paintwork and all the work needed for the flatbed. After completion of this work, the Büssing came to me on a low loader.
The truck drives at about 50 km / h, without power steering. At home, unfortunately, the joy was short lived because I broke the engine after about 100 km. Oh, what now? Through other Büssing insiders, I came to Bielefeld. Transporting the truck on a low loader, costs, etc. and for more than 4 years, the truck has been in a specialist workshop for trucks and engine construction. Lots of costs, whilst others are already buying a new car, but not me. The engine is now finished. So now it is a complete redesign, ie complete new paint finish in RAL 7021 satin finish, as per the Air Force, Reichbahn, Bundesbahn. During the preparatory work, paint residues came out from under the orange colour, the colour of RAL 7021.
What joy. Well, nearly managed! In one of my ads in a historic motor transport magazine which stated: Search engine parts or other spare parts from Büssing a guy called me some time later, around 11 pm. This good gentleman told me on the phone a fabulous story of Büssing. Shall I hang up? Nope, I was too curious and listened to his remarks. In the Swiss German dialect and just understandable for me, he told me that the Büssing had been previously used in his parents' company in the 80s. Then the story went on excitingly, I did not think about sleeping anymore and was wide awake. His father had bought the Büssing in about 1955 from a dealer in Munich and used the truck until its sale in 1985 when it went to Braunschweig in the Salzburger area through a haulage company. Papers of the WH in original, also the logbook and letter were available.
After a visit of buyers from nearby Lake Constance at the time, these original documents went missing from the truck.
So he told me then the following story, what was in this log book WH.
The Büssing was posted in the area in or around Stalingrad. In one of the last escape attempts of the WH from the cauldron, this vehicle had come to Munich with about 50 bullet holes and was also parked there. Where it had stood from 1945 until the purchase by his father in 1955, he could not tell me. From 1985 it was with a collector in Braunschweig until my purchase in late 2009.
This story, raises questions. Maybe the case with the papers is solvable. I hope and look forward to working together amongst like minded collectors.
Since I'm now working on a new project, the truck is for sale, but only in good hands! https://militärtechnik.com/fahrzeuge-in-aktion-2/buessing-4500/
Greetings from North Hessen, Germany k.ernst-martin56@web.de Ernst

Jens Mihatsch: 0049 175 4333349

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